About Us

Wildlife. It's just so beautiful and the thing that makes it so amazing is the fact that its unpredictable!

Founded in the UK at the start of 2018 as an online accessory store dedicated to high quality and unique wildlife accessory products, Luxurtraveller has become a fast growing, customer-focussed online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products so that you can add elegance and uniqueness to any outfit. We operate in the UK and US.

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Save The Rhino is really close to our hearts and we donate to this charity at the end of each month. We have also started a new project donating to Port Stephens Koalas.

Another thing really close to our hearts are ourĀ BrandĀ Ambassadors. For more information on how to become an ambassador message us via Instagram: @truthofwildlife.

Main Instagram account: @Luxurtraveller

We are dedicated to providing quality customer service for all our customers. We love our wildlife products and we're passionate about sourcing new, great accessories to help you keep in style!