About Us

LuxurTraveller is a New Wildlife community that’s donated +$9376.34 across 5 charities so far, determined to make this a better world for animals.

Founded in the UK at the start of 2018 as an online eCommerce store dedicated solely to the preservation of wildlife and the saving of our precious animals all around the world. Become apart of the family and get involved.

We take pride in customer-focus online, and strongly encourage you to contact us about our campaigns! We would love to hear from all of those that support our campaigns.

For each item sold we donate directly to charities.

Our campaigns solely focus to support and save animals around the world.

We Donate To The Following Charities, And Below Are Examples Of Some Of Our Work

Helping Rhinos
HERD Elephant Orphanage
Port Stephens Koalas
Ping An A Fu