The Yulin Dog Meat Festival: The Truth Behind It All

What is the Yulin Festival about?

The Yulin, also known as “Lynch and Dog Meat” is a 10-day festival that is organized annually. It is usually celebrated around June, during the summer solstice. The festival is popular in Asia, specifically China. During this time, more than 10,000 dogs are eaten as a norm for the festival. Cat meat and liquor are also available during the Yulin Dog Festival. 


The festival has raised a lot of controversy in the past which has to lead to the rebranding of the festival. Now the Yulin Dog Festival is known as the Yulin Summer Solstice Festival, but the practices that make up the festival continue to date. Dogs and cats are still victims, and they are being tortured and killed just to be sold for meat during the festival. 

The cruel activities of the festival have been exposed but the organizer claim that the dogs used for the festival are raised on dog meat farms. But it is quite the opposite because the dogs used are mostly strays or pets, and even stolen animals.

The Yulin Dog Festival took place for the first time in 2009 as a way to mark the summer solstice. In China, eating dog meat is a tradition that is believed that brings luck and good health when they eat it during the summer. It is also believed that dog meat drives away diseases and increases sexual performance in men. 


Ever since the festival started, it has attracted negative thoughts from the people in China and the world at large. Many activists have reported that the animals being used for the festival are slaughtered in an inhumane way. It has also been reported that some of the animals used are stolen because they have collars on their necks. 

In China, eating dogs is not illegal, and it is reported that about 20 million dogs are killed for human consumption annually. Even though the Yulin Dog Festival began in 2009, its origin can be traced back to about 400 years. Chinese citizens are aware of this practice and they are trying to be vocal showing how this is a bad practice that must be stopped. 

According to the Yulin Municipal Government, the festival is not an official event, so nothing can be done to stop it based on the claims. The positive thing is that more people are beginning to realize the negative impacts of the festival which is leading to lower numbers during the festival, but until the festival is stopped, there is a need for us to speak out. 

LuxurTraveller is a wildlife community that takes the protection of animals very seriously. One of our goals is to make sure that every animal is preserved and protected around the world. The Yulin Dog Festival is pure cruelty towards dogs, and it is important that we do everything in our power to stop it. We have a responsibility of protecting wildlife around the world. 


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  • Robin Yochum

    We have a rescued dog from meat markets in Cambodia.
    This tears my heart apart.

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