Leopard Attacks Dog in India - Read Here For The Full Story

Human-wildlife conflict is leading to some unusual situations both for the wild animals and us humans. There have been various situations of big cats attacking pets as they are stifled for food since we have infiltrated their territory in a big way over many years.

Dramatic footage shows a leopard attacking a dog in India.

The defenseless dog was caught sleeping when the leopard slowly crept up and then attacked.

This incident happened at about 4 AM on the morning of October 11, waking-up the owner as he fearlessly chased the leopard all the way down the stairs. 

Himachal Watcher, a local online magazine managed to get in touch with the owner Prakash and took an account of the whole incident. The owner told HW that Jackie, in fact, was sleeping outside the house of a relative half-a-kilometer away from his house. Since Jackie is a very friendly dog by nature, he frequently roams freely in the area and on the night of October 10, he had come to the house of the relative and slept outside their door.

All Images: Himachal Watcher

Thankfully, the wild animal let go of the dog in the chaos and Jackie got a new lease of life. The beautiful dog sustained wounds right below his neck but luckily escaped the attack pretty much unharmed without any serious injuries.

The next morning Prakash took his dog to the veterinarian who administered the needed treatment and the dog made a full recovery. As always the cheerful labrador is busy chasing cats and charming everyone.

This story is a strong reminder that all dogs should be treated with more care and not left outside at night.


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